Research or no research? That is the question

Today I’m sitting at home, the wind is blowing and the rain is pelting down. I’m on the couch with my pooch snoring beside me and the heater keeping the room at a comfortable 20 degrees.

My day is complete when my shopping arrives by post – my weakness- books. Further to that – my serious weakness is Lonely Planet books.

It leaves me thinking.. Do you buy books? Or do you search online for the answers you desire? Do you research? Or do you book a flight and just go where the path may go? I’d love to hear how you like to execute your travels- organised or spontaneous? A mix of both? Do you have a ‘go-to’? I find this fascinating, so please comment!

Now.. where was I? That’s right – chapter 2…


5 responses to “Research or no research? That is the question

  1. I research as much as I can but I never pass up the opportunity of doing something in the moment, even if it gets in the way of doing something I already had planned for myself.

    I find when I don’t research, I miss really cool things that aren’t advertised ‘in the streets.’

    Enjoy your new books! πŸ˜„


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